Everything is about people. When one person meets another, the things are going to happen. And that is as well the case of our project.

We did a common project PoláCzek focused on breaking the inner borders between Poles and Czechs through the work with stereotypes and prejudices. We developed many of tools and educational methods as well as established deeper cooperation in between regions on institutional as well as educational level.

We started the collaboration on the project focused on media literacy & art as a tool for community development. Pina was the lead of the project and gave us many of the knowledge and skills to develop us. It brought us to IT technologies for youth work. On the other hand, we taught them how to work with Oral history and narrative psychology.

There was an experience

We used everything what we experienced and learnt in the past, to create something fresh and new, that combines our expertise and what will help to work with patterns wire complexive and holistic even for those people and institutions who do not have such a strong educational background.

We felt the need

The work has just started. Stay with us to spread the common aim of all of us – Let’s make the Story of the World as good as possible for every person, animal and flower.

We believe in synergies and cooperation. Without that, the World will be a dark place. So, thank you! All of you, you helped us. 

We did the change

During the project, a lot of things changed. We applied before COVID-19 existed, so we needed to adapt our plan according to the limitations. Except that, we were trying to prepare the methodology as much as we could to be used after that limitations, following the aims, fulfilling the needs we identified.

The Stories of us

Check out, who is behind the project.


UNESCO was giving to the project mainly the skills connected with project management, design and the branding together with law protection.

The main person was Damian.


LOS was giving the methodology to the project and strong experience with Human library, Open Space Technology, World Café, Oral history and network together with the community.

The main person was Antonín.


PINA was giving mainly the media skills, art and online interactivity connected with the online presentation of the results as well as the knowledge of sustainability.

The main person was Ana.

Now it is possible to do it everywhere!

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