let people learn how to make an empathetic interview


You know the story? How CAN YOU work with postprOduction?


share! Give & take stories to audience and plant the tree…


Make the change real. Use the frozen picture to change patterns.

The Art of Storytelling

Take it & do it. You can. We give you what you need to provide a high quality education. It is free to use, if you follow the quality rules. 

Story café methodology by numbers

Sometimes, we focus on the Story so much that we forget about the numbers. Here you can have a fast overview what you can expect after implementing the methodology.

Ready-to-use activities
Rating of participants (NPS)
Case studies

There is always something behind

We did not invent new methodology. We innovated what we were using for several years. You can get inspired as well by other tools and methods we used in non-formal education, because they are great as well. Just…they are not, what Story Café is.

Our inspirations

See the main tools and methods we were working before the Story Café. Our methodology takes parts of it and combine it in a unique combination to reach the educational change.

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We have a publication where we discuss the Story Café methodology in detail. Every user can find new activities and inspiration for implementing Story Telling educational programs. Feel free to get it!

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