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After your applying to become an organizer, you will have an acess to following tools and information:

Story café cards

One-by-one tasks to wotk in team by using KANBAN methodology.


Ready to print material prepared for you to save the time.

LOGO’s & graphic

You can save money and time while using the graphic package. Gel logos, editable flyers,…


We are a community with experience. Share and get – that is the philosofy behind.

Get to know
the Manual

Download the manual and get to know the possibilities of the methodology.

Apply to be
an Organizer

Get step-by-step tutorial, advices and the online community and be a part of team developing the methodology.

Get everything
you need!

You will get handouts, check-list, graphic package and Story Café CARDS. 


The methodology is based on Open Source principle so we all can give and take a lot if we will be open to share good practices or new activities related to methodology.

Educational impact

You can be an organizer of Human Library, Open Space technology, World Café, TEDex or whatever. But we connected all of those events in one methodology. That is great! We make an impact!

Quality label

By membership we would like to work mainly to keep certain quality of the Brand. In the future, it can be love brand and you can stay with us to deliver truly educative educational environment based on Open Source principle.

We have a plan

We will continue with development. Currently we are working on business development to be able to finish the mobile app using the Augmented reality. It will be amazing!

Why should you be certified?


Become a member of online Story Café community and you will get a lot of experience, advices, supervision, but as well many other good things. The reason why we do it is to keep the level of Brand quality and next development of the methodology.

The membership is FREE of costs.

Behind the scene

What are the pro and pros to become a member of the family?

Publication to downloadNever miss the news!

We have a publication where we discuss the Story Café methodology in detail. Every user can find new activities and inspiration for implementing Story Telling educational programs. Feel free to get it!

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