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“Story café is an educational activity that enables lifelong learning through natural dialogue between people and working with story.”

The Story Café allows participants to confront their life story with the stories of others, to take active action and to take responsibility for their actions. It is an open methodology, a system to which each user can bring new value, new forms of use. It is a framework into which you can easily fit solutions for your local needs.

It is a method that prepares for life. A method that we want to change the world!

Why is Story café worth paying attention to?

The whole methodology contains four basic modules that can be further developed and combined according to the needs and objectives of the organisers.

Art of interview

Activities to promote critical thinking, empathy and conversation.

work with the story

Activities to support the identification of stories, their processing and further work with them.

do the event

Interactive encounters with Stories, dialogue and activities to encourage the development of attitudes.

make a change

Activities aimed at increasing the impact of stereotype work and changing attitudes.

Holistic method of education.

Development of thinking Out of BOX

Different modules for working with stories.

Inclusive form of education.

Start using the Story café method in education.

We have been educating through stories since 2003.

We started collecting stories using Oral History, and in doing so discovered the magic of the Living Library, World Café and Open Space Technology. We combined all of these together to create the Story café method, which we share with the world for free.


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We have a publication where we discuss the Story Café methodology in detail. Every user can find new activities and inspiration for implementing Story Telling educational programs. Feel free to get it!

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